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Cyber Connections: Six hot dating apps

2017-07-05 10:05:39 | views


The beauty of life lies in having someone to share every moment, both sweet and bitter. But with Beijing home to such an immensely large population, if you’re single you might be asking why hasn’t Cupid aimed his arrow at you? With social media growing at an unstoppable pace, there are plenty of potential opportunities for you to showcase yourself online. Now true love might be only a click away…

WeChat Linking with your QQ, Facebook and mobile contacts, WeChat (or Weixin in Chinese) is a brilliant tool which allows you to keep in touch with your friends and contacts in real time. WeChat starts by offering users easy access to QQ messages (even when offline), regular and video chat, and “moments” where you can post photos and updates for all to see. Unlike weibo, your friends will only see comments from users who are also their friends, which offers more room for privacy. Beyond that, WeChat’s “Look Around”, “Shake”, and “Drift Bottle” functions expose you to others around. With such an extensive feature package, WeChat has rapidly become the hottest social app in Asia. Don’t be left out.

momo If you don’t know momo, watch out. This location-based social network has risen to be one of the hottest Chinese apps on the market, with which you can easily “hook up” with strangers nearby. As Operations Director Wang Li told Agenda (issue 111), what makes momo stands out from other social networking tools is that it helps Chinese connect with people around. Just shake your phone and it will automatically send a signal to others nearby, allowing anyone nearby to connect.You might have your doubts, but here’s the story of an Austrian friend of mine, a big momo fan. Once I bumped into him in Sanlitun Village with his eyes glued to his phone. “Who are you waiting for?” I asked. “A friend I just met on momo. We are going to a bar together!” You see, it does work.

QQ Every Chinese has an ID card and a QQ number. As one of the most prominent chat tools, QQ came to prominence when I was still in primary school. All this time later, it still has a strong share in the Chinese social-networking market. What’s the secret of its longevity? Try it yourself and you’ll see why. It’s not only an effective tool to keep in touch with friends and business contacts: you also make new friends online. You can search for friends by age, gender, city, blood type, or even if their computer has a camera that will enable video chat. Starting from QQ, you can also play QQ games with your new friends and gradually foster your friendship. A fact: my cousin from Xiamen met his wife from Guiyang on QQ and their love prospered from playing QQ games together. That’s modern romance.

What’s App “What’s up?” If you need to know the answer, then you should log onto What’s App. As a cross-platform mobile messaging app, it allows you to send unlimited messages, images, videos and audio media messages to your friends without worrying about the SMS financial burden. In a global context, this app is available in myriad languages. To better spot where your friends are or let your friends know where you are, you can share your current locations. As for searching friends, it can be linked with your Facebook and Twitter account. If you want to make an international call or send international messages, Skype may be obolete now that What’s App is here.

Zoosk With its ambitious claim to boost your romantic life, Zoosk “guarantees” you a fun love-searching journey and privacy protection (so your friends or significant others won’t know you’re using it). To increase their success rate, Zoosk users can depict their ideal partner when registering, in height, education, religion, smoking and drinking habits, and so on. Zoosk boasts more than 80,000 members enjoying its service every day. Sounds like plenty of fish in the sea, doesn’t it? Whether it’s true or not, its users’ profiles look stunning. It might just be worth a shot.

Skout These people are true believers of serendipitous meetings and they’ve created an app that help people easily establish new connections under the guidance of their mobile. Skout’s users give it high credit for helping them discover new friends nearby or continents away, and it’s especially helpful when you move to a new city. Whether you’re looking for an weekend activity partner, or for someone in another country with whom you can trade culture, now’s the era that you can skout your other half.