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Being in Beijing to Study Chinese Is Awesome

2017-06-26 13:46:09 | views


 Going to Beijing to study is my ideal. Learn Chinese in Beijing not only learn Chinese, you can also practice Chinese, speak with Chinese people the same.


Beijing is a fun place, is a great capital. Because there are modern buildings, there are old buildings. If you are interested in Chinese history, ancient places you can go look. For example, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. Not only ancient places and more, and natural places and modern place a lot.


In addition, you can attract you to come to Beijing four seasons in Beijing. Here you can experience the seasons. Beijing particularly hot summer temperatures about 35-42 degrees. The most comfortable season is autumn. Autumn, when a variety of fruits are ripe, too sweet, not hot nor cold temperatures, the weather was sunny. Now is the winter of last autumn. We can play ice skating in winter, skiing. There are four seasons in the country, my favorite thing is that I can wear a variety of styles of clothes.


In Beijing, everything. There is a saying: "In addition to heaven and hell is God doing something else in this world are made in China." So people must like shopping in Beijing. Buy things when we need to bargain, this is a good way to raise the level of spoken language. Buy something, it should be noted quality, there is a saying in China: "a penny, a cargo."


Every season when I will be very happy, and why? The reason is that here we have seasonal prices. For example, we want to buy clothes, spring, winter clothes began to cut prices.


Eating, everyone knows that the world-famous Beijing roast duck, roast duck in Beijing must eat later. In Beijing, there are many delicious snacks. Eat in Beijing is not expensive, spend twenty dollars you can eat very full.


British researchers from around the world for 203 of the Music Department What are the benefits of learning Chinese students were pitch discrimination test, asking them to identify three groups randomly played octave all 36 scales. Students who take the test have 27 Chinese and Vietnamese students. The researchers found that this 27 Asian students with high and low pitch discrimination in their native language fluency about to experience the profound Chinese culture and splendid oriental civilization, the Chinese nation to experience history, geography shape, morality, lifestyle, Learn Chinese national character and national spirit and cultural backgrounds, it may enhance their understanding of Chinese culture and love. However, the reality is that Chinese study in Italy showed that the reason Asians have perfect pitch talent, the mystery lies in their language. Chinese and Vietnamese are tonal language, tone and pitch of the basic elements of spoken language to express meaning. Diana said that if people in Europe to strengthen during the baby learn to speak colloquial tone musical scale and training, but also to have that kind of pitch discrimination Asian talent.