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Beijing VS Shanghai, Which City Is More Modern

2017-06-13 17:50:41 | views


We are often surprised by the Italian sense of passion for their city; one city is much different from another. Milan VS Rome, Rome is beautiful, Milan is famous for its elegance. Rome is a city with more vitality and fun, while Milan shows more commercial trend. Rome is sunny, but too noisy and lively, although the weather in Milan is always cloudy but more chic and fashionable. Our life is continuing, of course, we also insist our point of view toward different cities. In fact, these views do not affect our own feelings of for our own country.

People who love Beijing do not love Shanghai, and vice versa. Last night, in a personal night club, I heard a surprising dialogue; the content is about the difference between the two cities. People who live in Beijing are more intellectuals; they are brilliant men with wide learning. There are much more artists and creative people. As the capital of several empires and todays China, it enjoys more cultural heritage and historical background. It serves as the center of news media; Beijing boasts many important new channels of many countries. However, in Shanghai, the fast pace of life gives the city more international color.


Shanghai seems more beautiful, that is because Beijing does not have much magnificent architecture, only a part of old and famous buildings. The two cities are all the host of fashion week. The shows in Beijing are more commercialized, while the shows in Shanghai are more creative and more touching. You may always find that the clothes displaying in Beijing are more apt to promote the brand and sponsors, but in Shanghai, they attach much more great importance to designers innovation and the clothes itself. Common discount beads cannot present various styles, but in Shanghai, they can. In the two cities, there are many international well-known brands and many millionaires. Luxuriant cars are everywhere; five-star hotels are here and there.


In spite of this, you may still not feel that you are in a fashionable city, just like Tokyo in Japan; people are all in traditional clothes. The dressing styles are very similar and more tend to be moderate. The color is more uniform, which do not seem as extreme as in Tokyo. That is to say, this is a young country which is not prepared well to make some changes. Or that is because that the so-called Chinese fashion is not built yet, while in Japan, the Japanese fashion is sound now, and there are many names and brands popular around the world. In China, the most famous designer is Alexander Wang, whose design already been on New York fashion shows.


There may be some distance for China to go to world fashion, but there are some different styles and vitality. In the near future, the Chinese designers will capture the western markets. There is much possibility for Chinese young designers to go global. Then that whether Beijing is more modern or Shanghai is more modern matters little.