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Guide of Beijing Fragrant Hill Park

2017-08-30 11:45:59 | views

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 Covering an area of 160 hectares, the Fragrant Hill Park is located in the east of Xiaoxi Mountain, northwest of Beijing suburb with 20 kilometers away from downtown area, which was built in 26th (1186) year of Emperor Dading's reign in the Jin dynasty (1115-1234) as a famous imperial garden. With a number of palaces, halls, bridges and pavilions successively built, the garden functioned as a temporary dwelling place for emperors and became one of the top 28 scenic areas in Beijing in the Ming (1368-1644) and the Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, which was ransacked by the Eight Power Allied Force in 1900, and it has become a park and opened to the public since its thorough renovation in 1956. Now the Fragrant Hill Park is listed among the Top 10 Great Parks in Beijing.


The Fragrant Hill Park features steep topography with undulating hills, whose highest peak is the Censer Peak with 557 meters high above the sea level. The number of verdant trees in the park is more than 260,000 (taking up 1/4 of total trees in Beijing) and the forest coverage reaches 98% of the total area, where the birds sing, the flowers bloom like pieces of brocades and the man and the Nature harmoniously co-exist. The highlights in the park are the maple trees, whose leaves turn as red as flaming fire in late autumn, providing a breath-taking sight for the visitors.


In addition to the natural sceneries, a number of famous human and historical heritages are available in the park, and the famous ones include Azure Cloud Temple in a Qing-era architectural style, the Five Hundred Arhat Hall, Zongjingdazhao Temple (functioning as temporary dwelling place of the 6th Panchen Lama), the Watching-Heart Studio in an elegant South-China architectural style, the Memorial Hall of Sun Zhongshan, the Hall of Diligent Government, Shuangqing Villa (the earliest Beijing office of Chairman Mao Zedong) and Diamond Seat Pagoda.


The Fragrant Hill Park is well-equipped with modern facilities, where the visitors can take a 1,400-meter long cableway to have a panorama view of the mountain. The Pine Forest Restaurant is elegantly decorated, where the visitors can fully taste authentic wild animals and vegetables. The Fragrant Hill Park is really an ideal place for your sightseeing, recreation and business conference, and the nearby attractions such as Beijing Botanical Garden, the Summer Palace, the World Park and the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha are available.


Here's an ideal route below just for your reference during your Beijing Fragrant Hill Travel: East Gate- Shuangqing Villa- Ruins of Fragrant Hill Temple-Senyu Tablets- Chaoyang Cave- Censer Peak- Western Hill Shimmering in Snow- Yuhua Villa- Lotus Hall- Zhao Temple- Watching Heart Studio- Spectacle Lake- the North Gate.