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 Shanghai, China is a major tourist destination in Asia with abundant historical landmarks. A few of the frequently visited places within the city are the internationally renowned the City God Temple and the Oriental Pearl Tower that lies in the middle of its ever-expanding metro region. Its skyline is just wonderful as it is the largest hub of finance, trade and commerce in mainland China. Shanghai is known as a port city and the largest city in China with over 20 million residents consisting of Chinese and foreign migrants. It is also considered among the fastest developing economies in the world.


The strong Chinese tradition and traditions in Shanghai are still very much alive considering its modernity. The city has many wonderful parks, restaurants, cafes, bars making it one of the cities in China that possesses a very lively nightlife. There are many westernized parts in Shanghai where you can see many hip neo-Chinese but still retains their old Chinese traditions sacred. Some of the must-see destinations in this lovely city are the Jade Buddha Temple, Yu Yuan Gardens, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum, Xin Tian Din, ZhuJiaJiao and Nanjing Road, simply to name some.


The best about Shanghai is the Chinese cuisines known to be the most scrumptious in China. It's also known as a major shopping destination with hundreds of elegant niche stores, fashion boutiques, bargain markets, and large international chains. The Bund is the most famous attractions in Shanghai and becomes even more beautiful at night when the structures are lighted up, making a spectacularly colorful scene to behold. The architecture in this city is incredible with the use of many different styles like Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance evident in its many banks and hotels.


Hairy crabs have become popular in Shanghai. It is going to be one of the best crab feasts you will ever enjoy but this particular city cuisine can only be enjoyed throughout the autumn season on the months of September through November where these hairy crabs are most abundant and fully grown. Local and tourists alike benefit from the rowing boat trips in water villages surrounding the city.


Climate: Shanghai generally includes a humid climate called subtropical and has four distinct seasons. In winter, it gets really cold because of the Siberian winds from the north and also the temperature can drop at freezing levels. The City experiences an average of two days of snowfall within a year. Summer time in the city becomes very warm and humid but with occasional rain showers and irregular thunderstorms. Typhoons are often experienced in Shanghai that causes flooding within the city. It other seasons are spring and fall which are generally dry and sunny. Its wettest weathers occur in the month of June.


Transportation: The city of Shanghai takes delight in its Shanghai Metro, of the rapidly-growing railways systems on the planet. It currently has ten lines that extend to a lot of suburban districts. Its public transport methods have become efficient including thousands of buses, trolleybuses, and metered taxi cabs. Bicycles utilized to master the main roads and highways of the city but they are now only allowed within the city's bicycle lanes and intersections.