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Open a Bottle of Erguotou

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 Beijingers are fond of the old real estate Erguotou Liang Kouer the wine, but wine drinkers Erguotou many people, not necessarily know the origin of the name Erguotou wine, just know that "open a bottle of Double pot - dash enough" to drink After the trial of strength over there.

Erguotou is a country liquor. Its colorless, transparent liquor, known for mellow fragrance industry. Judge of wine quality, flavor is very important, China's liquor into fragrance, flavor, sauce, fruity, mellow taste so different, this is due to the minimal content of the fermentation process the smell of the role of micro-organisms. Microbes and wine aroma major component of ethanol was coordinated with the wine to mellow the flavor, or taste of the wine he sent.

The quality of the wine and the wine is also the raw materials and water quality, using the same variety of raw materials, the environment due to planting and harvesting season, there are differences in the quality of the wine. Beijing Haidian production of the famous "White Lotus" wine is blooming in early summer just as the raw material leaching into the white lotus for the best, if the autumn, is damaged leaves in the pond, even if we have several flower late opening of the lotus leaching of wine, the smell of more backward.

China's liquor well, some of the names of white wine is full of poetic, or plain pop, or simple and elegant. Production of Daxing County, Beijing wineries in recent years the "drunk Liu Xia" wine is from the Tang Dynasty poet Haoran "Golden opened fire early lesions, Bristol is blur. Faces of the children if they are allowed in, where Xi Liu Xia drunk," the poem. Generally speaking mostly white wine named after the place of origin, such as Shaoxing wine produced in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Guizhou Maotai produced in Maotai Town, produced in Sichuan Luzhou Luzhou Daqu, Xifeng Fengxiang produced in Shaanxi, and so on. Double pot, wine is all over, is the time of its production process and named. Past the old system of wine workshop called "burning pot," wine making equipment when they use a big pot of cold water for cooling equipment. In liquor production process, often in cold water for the second time, at the beginning of the outflow of the most authentic taste of wine, then take the wine is called "Double pot."

The main ingredient is alcohol, white wine, different wine with different concentrations of alcohol, Beijing Erguotou about 60 degrees. Of alcohol on the various organizations of local stimulation, so after drinking, people have a burning throat and stomach, feeling like an oven, which Beijing says there is an "dash." "Open a bottle of Double pot - dash foot" xiehouyu, by Erguotou full flavor of wine, spirit child large, often used to describe a young man daring to dare to break awkward punch. In contrast with this xiehouyu meaning is "water mix Laobaigan children - no dash." Beijingers to Erguotou wine known as "Laobaigan." For the past number of small private liquor store more profitable, often fraudulent, to the liquor in the mix of water, thus making the original liquor of about sixty degrees lower degree, the natural taste of the wine becomes weak, the momentum will correspondingly smaller children. So "no dash" to describe a person depressed or cringe.


Old Beijing-door together tidbits


Comes just beginning of the year, everything looks updated. As usual, the door of old Beijing to put together a new post, decorative spring. Door to door with the door associated with the points, door to door talking about this joint.

The door to joint language of ordinary families, are some commonly used sentences such as "loyalty, family for a long time, poetry and literature, following the World Long", "Shou Shen Yu as executive, Jide win left gold," "Ray of light at Orchid Hill Classic, Spring Zhen Jia-sheng Tong Law "and so on, nearly thousands of all, no praise. The learned men who, by the door associated with self-situation, to express the aspirations, metaphor neighbors, Masato deep cause is extraordinary, the number of joint Remembrance to mark the story.

Fuzhou, Chen Shi modern poet left (Yan), Beijing apartment on the Byway in Xuanwumen, formerly Wuxi Ci Qing Liang Gu Fen (Zhenguan) residence. Gu Yue in the south of the residence hall show weeds to Beijing after living in the three faithful Cinei ramp title, name of the room for a small show of wild together, did not forget to show the meaning of home. Chen Qing Dynasty in Beijing, just a small show to live wild Gu Church site, is the title "Cottage Sho wild, the flower market on the byway," a joint on the door, the Alliance pointed out that the old home of Gu estate word line, the second line made it clear where the name of the precise and elegant.

Shaoxing Yue Li, unadorned celebrities (Chi Ming), points to the home by the Department of donor class doctor, to Beijing to alternate, the fruit of living in the lane security Luomashi Avenue Temple Street, the hospital is a three-Jin, Lee lived the last four homes are West room and two rooms, clean and quiet, "Flower" had a vivid description of the novel. Lee in own couplets: "Security Temple Street collection of thousands of volumes, the Ministry of doctor filled five thousand years." United Self-hyun on the reservoir, the second line is cynical of the state, overflow in the purpose statement. Lee lives in the backyard, this joint when it is attached to the screen door on.

Old Beijing more than a brothel outside the front door, the so-called "Badahutong" are in Dashilan south, north Zhushikou which alley Hidden Concubine Tan Han largest Panyu Shen Nanya (abnormal cases), suave romantic, that live in this Lane. Only high-Yun Jian Shen, unconventional unsuccessful, since the title door together; "Laojifuli, street prostitution is close." Embrace the Union since the writing, the second line that the ranking among the flowers, all that street prostitution Wudie neighbors, the United antithesis work steady, realistic.

Maybe Mars Sipailou the western end of West northbound alley door, is a Qing Dynasty general Qi Ji residential, early Republican era, the house sold and the military governor of Jiangsu Qi Zhen Yan (Yao Lin). House west of a hospital also Qi's private property, leased to South in a celebrities live, the hospital o Wang name, the incumbent Central Bank, some celebrities play written door together, saying: "next to Wang Yung-fu, accommodation homogeneous wind." Wang Yung-fu name, Jiangsu, Yangzhou, South winds were called homogeneous, Tiantai people, two of the Qing dynasty scholars. Accommodation accommodation owner is omitted words, the idea of the cover refers to the landlord. This spit is associated elegance, extraordinary, not only to point out both the upper and lower joint surname, even better in Wang Yung-Fu, homogeneous wind name, just include the "South" word, the Wang family name to live here, just another South Sea Bank staff, the celebrities together in a phrase, What a coincidence seamless, witty pun.




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