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 Why choose me? I am chichi, 24, 170 cm,34D-23-36,I am independent, slim and good curve and skinny. I got very professional training of massage and each customer is satisfied of the quality of my massage. If you choose me, I can provide more help to you. For example, because I speak reasonable English, I can introduce the life in beijing and can even be as a tour guide to show you to any place you are interested. I cherish the time we spend together and we will have fun. If you have ordered my massage and think it is good, please introduce to your friend. I am a master of massage and charge RMB 1500 per hour. You also need to pay round trip taxi fee. My service is 24 Hrs and can go to your hotel or apartment. 

  • [2016-03-20] says:
    I will be in Guangzhou between October 28 - November 04 and would like to try your service.  Please list type of services you offer with prices.
  • [2016-02-19] says:
    I will need your service before that i need to ask a couple of questions before confirming.
  • [2015-11-06] says:

    I will travelling to china in the beggining next year and would like to book your services both

    for tour guide and as well as those you mentioned on this website.

    Kindly forward me your details, email address and a recent photo of yours.

    Please also do include detail list of services you provide and their associated charges.

    Thank you for your time.

    Hope to get a quick and positive reply from you soon.

  • [2015-10-17] says:
    Hi I am in pazhou' are you available over the weekend
  • [2015-10-09] says:
    hey beautiful i will in china on the 18th and would love to meet hope u r not busy that day
  • [2015-08-18] says:
    hi, I am going to be in guanzough in 2 weeks and would like to meet you. can you advice which hotel is girlfriend friendly so I can book appropriately. and kindly send me your charges.
    waiting to hear from you.
  • [2015-04-03] says:
    Hi, I will be in Guangzhou in a few days. Can you please send me all your charges for full service massage and are you able to visit me at my Hotel.
  • [2015-04-01] says:
    I would come to china soon and would like to benefit your humble services.  Can you please provide me a detailed list of services you offer and their corresponding prices..
  • [2014-11-26] says:
    Hi, Id love to meet you, I will be in Guangzhou soon, please send me your rate and so on. Looking forward to spending time there.
  • [2014-11-26] says:
    Hi, I will be in Guangzhou in a few days. Can you please send me all your charges and are you able to visit me at my Hotel. Look forward to spending time there

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