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Quality as opposed to quantity is my modus operandi and I take great pleasure in offering an exclusive experience to a select few gentlemen.
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Hello gentlemen! 

My name is Ava. I exude a youthful zest alongside a cultivated maturity, poise and intelligence. I’m told my best feature is my radiant smile and my infectious laughter which makes me immensely entertaining company. 

I make an elegant, charismatic and discrete social companion and I absolutely delight in getting to know each other over fabulous cuisine and fine wine. I can guarantee to turn heads while avoiding any raised eyebrows on our night out together. 

I am very stylish and always dressed impeccably and accordingly whatever the occasion. You will typically find me dressed in an elegant dress, exquisite lingerie, silk stockings and suspenders, Louboutin heels and light make up. 

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  • [2018-03-08] says:
    Hi Ava, would love to get to know you over a nice dinner and great bottle of wine.  When are you free? 你好Ava,真想一起享受美好的晚餐和红酒多多认识你。什么时候有空?

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