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Hi,I am Sisi. From South China city. I am wild, Sexy, Fashion personality. Let me have a lot of friends. I am fond of traveling and read. Arrived in Shanghai after graduating from college. In this strange city I feel lonely, and lonely. Eager to have more new friends. You can help me? Can I use my gently bring your life to enjoy.

  • [2017-05-15] says:
    Had a great time with Sisi.
  • [2016-03-20] says:
    Hi Sisi,
    I will be in Beijing between October 24-27 and want to try out your services. I also want you to show me around the city and have dinner with me.  How much will you charge?  Do you have an apartment?

  • [2015-04-07] says:
    I m coming to BJ on 21 st April for a week, staying in Express by Holiday Inn Shangdi Beijing. Is it possible to see you for a  full service massage either in your apartments or in my hotel ( if it's ok to come there)
    Thanks for reply by email

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